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What would you get on this site ?
Here you would find audio recordings in MP3 format and video links of contemporary Gurmat Sangeet (raag keertan)(sikh spiritual music) recorded live at various Gurdwaras (sikh temples) in and around Toronto, Canada. The listener will be able to appreciate the beauty of Gurbani (Sikh religious scriptures compiled in the holy book called Sri Guru Granth Sahib, SGGS) and Gurmat Sangeet through these recordings.

The purpose

The purpose of sharing these recordings with the world is to propagate Gurbani through beautiful music in the purest* form, as prescribed by the Gurus (Sikh spiritual masters). It's a treasure and I hope it will be recognized as such by every listener.


Special efforts are made to record the programs in high quality. The final mix is delivered to you in MP3 format that does not do full justice to the original recorded sound quality, but it is the only option to share with the available resources. When played on a good speaker system or headphones, the listener will enjoy the brilliant sound as heard in a studio album.

Rights and Permissions

All recordings hosted here are with the permission of the performers and the organizers of the respective programs. One may download for personal use and distribute them freely without any modification. One may not use these recordings for commercial purposes including but not limited to radio broadcast, internet broadcast and one may not host them on a website without explicit permission. The rights remain with the performers and the sound recordist. The Guru's Bani is for all, but one cannot simply discount the intellectual property rights of the performers and others involved in the recording process. Gurbani Sangeet is put up on this site with the belief that a person is free to come and listen to live keertan in a Gurdwara. It is highly recommended that people who wish to listen to keertan should attend the Gurdwara since being in the 'sangat' has its special significance. The people who perform shabad keertan in the Gurdwara also need encouragement from a live audience. I hope that these recordings will infuse in the listener the desire to come and listen to Gurbani Sangeet in the Gurdwara more often and be blessed.

Thanks to all the artists ('raagis' in the true sense) for keeping the Gurmat Sangeet alive through hard work of learning and performing keertan as 'seva'.

This site is dedicated in the service of Sri Akal Purakh. The 'seva' of sound recording and photographs gets done by the grace of Almighty.

*Purest: Most keertan tracks here are performed in the raag as specified in Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji. There will be some exceptions.
Forthcoming Programs

Jul 6 2024, Shaheedgarh Sahib Gurdwara, Hamilton

Program Listing (Recordings)

Download instructions:
Video : Clicking on the link named "Video" will open a new window with the appropriate YouTube playlist. You can watch all the videos of the program on the YouTube page.
Audio: Clicking on the "Audio" link prompts the user to download and save a ZIP file. The Zip file folder contains all the audio MP3 files of the program. Please unzip to save individual audio MP3 files.

YouTube GurmatSangeetDarbar channel  

Feb 2 2019, Glidden Rd Gurdwara

Nov 24 2018, Glidden Rd Gurdwara

Aug 25 2018, Glidden Rd Gurdwara, Brampton - Malhar special

Apr 28 2018, Glidden Rd Gurdwara, Brampton

Dec 31 2017, Sarab Rog Ka Aukhad Naam Centre, Brampton

Nov 11 2017, Sarab Rog Ka Aukhad Naam Centre, Brampton

Jul 22 2017, Regan Rd Gurdwara

Apr 22 2017, Dixie Rd Gurdwara, Vaisakhi Special

Mar 11 2017, Glidden Rd Gurdwara, Brampton - Basant special

Jan 28 2017, Dookh Nivaaran Gurdwara Sahib, Brampton - Dasam Baani special

Jul 29-31 2016, 10th Hemkunt International Keertan competition, Phoenix

Jul 23 2016, Dixie Rd Gurdwara, Mississauga

May 28 2016, Rivalda Rd Gurdwara, Toronto

Apr 16 2016, Baba Budha ji Gurdwara, Hamilton

Feb 27 2016, Basant Raag Darbar at Mississauga Gurdwara (Dunwin Dr)

Jan 16 2016, Asa Di Var by Bhai Narinder Singhji (Hazoori Ragi)   Video  Audio

Dec 19 2015, Regan Rd Gurdwara, Brampton

Sep 20 20115, Rexdale Singh Sabha (Old Rexdale Gurdwara)

May 16 2015, Glidden Rd Gurdwara, Brampton

Oct 4 2014, Peter Robertson Rd Gurdwara, Brampton

Aug 2 2014, 8th Hemkunt International Keertan competition, Philadelphia  Video

Jun 14 2014, London Sikh Society Gurdwara

Apr 26 2014, Special program, Regan Rd Gurdwara

Apr 5 2014, Regan Rd Gurdwara, Brampton

Feb 23 2014, Oakville Gurdwara, Basant special

Jan 25 2014, Rivalda Rd Gurdwara, Dasam Bani special  Video  Audio

Nov 23 2013, Glidden Rd Gurdwara, Brampton - Guru Nanak Sahib  Video  Audio

Oct 19 2013, Regan Rd Gurdwara, Brampton  Video  Audio

Aug 17 2013, Mayfield / Airport Rd Gurdwara, Brampton  Video  Audio

Aug 3-4 2013, 7th Hemkunt International Keertan competition, Washington DC   Video

July 27 2013, Peter Robertson Rd Gurdwara, Brampton, Malaar special  Video  Audio

June 8 2013, West Flamborough (near Hamilton)   Video  Audio

Apr 21 2013, Oakville Gurdwara  Video

Feb 24 2013, Regan Rd Gurdwara, Brampton, Basant special  Video

Jan 10-20 2013, Dr. Gurnam Singh  Video  Audio 1  Audio 2  Audio 3  Audio 4

Dec 22 2012, Rivalda Rd Gurdwara  Video

Nov 11 2012,  Oakville Gurdwara recorded. 2 shabads on YouTube, more coming

Sep 29 2012, Mayfield Gurdwara, Brampton. 3 shabads on YouTube

Aug 4 -5, 2012, 6th Hemkunt International Keertan competition, Detroit   Video

Jul 21 2012, Peter Robertson / Dixie Gurdwara, Malaar special  Video  Audio

Jul 14 2012, Lasalle Gurdwara, Montreal - Sikh wedding keertan  Video

Jun 2 2012, Rivalda Rd Gurdwara

Apr 14 2012, Shaheedgarh Sahib, Hamilton  Video

Feb 25 2012, Glidden Rd Gurdwara, Basant special   Video

Jan 1 2012, Gore-Castlemore Gurdwara

Dec 25 2011, Keertan competition at Dunwin Gurdwara (4 shabad videos only)

Dec 24 2011, Dixie Gurdwara

Nov 19 2011, London Sikh Society, Ontario

Sep 17 2011, Oakville Gurdwara - not recorded

Aug 19 2011, Children jatha of LaSalle Gurdwara in Montreal

July 30 2011, Regan Rd Gurdwara Malaar special

July 23 2011, Classical Keertan by students of U.Rajinder Raj

May 21 2011, Scarborough Gurdwara

Mar 19 2011, Rivalda Rd Gurdwara Basant special..... recorded

Feb 13 2011, Oakville Gurdwara
Children and Youth special..... recorded

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Please note: * Any complaints about the Gurdwara sound system where programs are hosted should be directed to the respective Gurdwara management. The recording system used by this sevadar has no connection to the Gurdwara's sound system. Read more
* The information provided on these web pages about the keertaniyas, the performed raag etc. is to the best of this sevadar's knowledge and is provided by the organizers. For any corrections, please email this sevadar at the email address provided at the bottom of this page.
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